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Yesterday I was interviewed on the strength coach podcast by the legendary podcast host, Anthony Renna. 

Anthony happens to know several of the guys in my CEO Mastermind group just from being in the industry for a few decades.

Anthoney spoke with a few of them about how well they are doing…and wanted to know what I’m telling my clients on how to navigate this mess. 

I went into my 4 part strategy for how we navigated this back in March of 2020:

  1. Keep what you have
  2. Find a new revenue Stream
  3. Make it better
  4. Be the lighthouse for your community 

Then, I discussed the 3 part leadership mindset I instilled in them for well over a year during the height of the pandemic:

  1. Jocko Like Discipline
  2. Disney Like Creativity
  3. Stockdale Like Productive paranoia

But recently I added a 4th part of the leadership mindset to combat the new changes in the direction of the pandemic and quite frankly, the horrific display of what’s going on in the world right now. 

Stoic Like Calm

As a student and practicer of Stoicism, I don’t see a more valuable way of being a business owner right now.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in the last 18 months is to stay calm under pressure.

When you remain calm, you are less reactive, when you are less reactive you make better decisions.

Your life, my life, and everyone else’s life is shaped by the decision we make

The beauty of this is that it applies to other important areas of life…not just business.

Parenting, marriage, sports, and pretty much any other time you may find yourself in hot water.

Some are wired this way. 

Me? I’m not. 

I’m wired to be more anxious.

But I see the power of it and work hard at it. It’s a skill. 

Joining the SPF Mastermindis NOT cheap, in fact, I just raised the price to $1,000 per month.

But I had a client come on our Wednesday call recently that was panicking about something and wanted my advice.

I told him nothing other than this…

“Calm THE F Down”

No other advice. 

He sent me a message after the call thanking me and that’s exactly why he happily pays the large Mastermind fee every month…

Basically part of my job is to check themselves before they wreck themselves.

The way to succeed today is not from some special lead gen strategy.

The way to win today is to stay calm and make better decisions than your competition…

And sometimes you need someone to grab you by the cheeks and tell you what you need to hear…

In fact…I see the value of this so much that I tell my coach to do this for me. 

Why I decided to raise the Mastermind price to $1,000 per month

Well, we got a great thing going. There’s a ton of VERY good gym owners in the group. 

By raising the price to $1,000 per month it eliminates gym owners that may not be ready for a group like this…yet. 

This means the group will continue to attract only the highest-quality gym ownersthat are committed to being successful.

This also means that I’m not going to be attracting the gym owners that are swayed by the get 100 leads in 27 days type of coaching programs. 

The conversations we have about leadership, team building, systems, strategy, marketing, and sales will go way over the heads of people just needy for leads. 

So essentially people are paying the high Mastermind fee for who is NOT in the room…not just the advice they get from the group.

If you’d like more info on how to join us go here

Vince Gabriele 

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