The World’s Greatest Physical Therapist is_____

This past Saturday Vanessa and I attended the wedding of Charlie
Weingroff and Ali Gilbert.

Charlie is quite possibly the world’s best physical therapist who headlines the Perform Better-Speaking tour and has been a great personal friend
for over a decade. 
At the wedding, the question I got a lot was…how do you know Charlie?

Well, the story will be a valuable one if you own a gym right now.

I was listening to the Strength Coach Podcast with my great friend Anthony Renna and heard Charlie be interviewed on his podcast.

I was super inspired by how smart Charlie was and knew I needed to learn more from him.

I found his number and called him to see if I could hire him for a day.

I had just started doing a lot of ACL post-rehab work and wanted some expert guidance. 

The full day consisted of Charlie and I working together to create the perfect training plan for an athlete that was discharged from PT.

From there, I started referring Charlie clients that needed PT. 

Because the doctors would send me tough cases, Charlie was like my Ace on the hole…everyone I worked with got a LOT better and a LOT faster. 

I hired Charlie back several more times and continued to send him clients for years. 

Because my family all lived in NYC, they all worked with Charlie too.

When it came time to talk to Perform Better about speaking…Charlie set up the meeting and the rest is history.

The relationship between myself and Charlie has been a win for both of us. 

Solid relationships create big business breakthroughs. 

Here’s where you come into this story:

There are people in your community that you don’t know right now that you should know.

Never has this been more important than right now.

Gym owners are looking for the magic Facebook ad that’s going to solve all your marketing problems. 

That actually used to exist…but not anymore.

Creating relationships in your community and setting up joint ventures is time well spent…all it takes is picking up the phone and setting up a meeting. 

Gym Owners frustrated with their marketing results rarely have solid Joint Ventures in place. 
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Vince Gabriele 

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