There’s only 4 things you can do to keep staff

We just had a trainer leave. 

Not everyone will stay forever, if you try to get them to stay forever you most likely will be trying to control a situation out of your control.

Several years ago I had another team member making close to 6 figures. 

An insurance company came out of the woodwork and offered a salary 3x what he was making. 

There’s not a gym on the planet that would have been able to match it.

So he left. 

It was out of my control.

As owners, we cannot live in fear of them leaving. 

Yes, businesses work better when there is less turnover, but you can only do your best and focus on what you can control.

That’s this:

Pay them fairly
Create a culture where they enjoy coming to work
Treat them with respect
Give them opportunities to grow both personally and professionally

If you do this, you’re good. 

Because you’ll always be able to find good people that want a gig like this. 

You’d be shocked at what’s out there. 

Most people get treated like garbage in the corporate world, it’s sad. 

You’re probably doing much better than you think.

But by all means, have a recruitment system in place…so when trainers
do leave…you have a system in place to re-load. 

Vince Gabriele 

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