Two Questions I Ask Every Week

Each week I ask my mastermind members two questions:

  1. What Went Right?
  2. Where you do need support right now?

I rarely add a third question but last week I asked them what their biggest business accomplishment has been so far this year.

Here are a few of their answers. 

Privacy Note: I have not included their names to maintain privacy but these are all people currently in the SPF Mastermind.

Total year projected revenue is going to be 50% greater than last year. which was 42% greater than the year before.

I’ve maintained a progression of growth and a positive mindset through a difficult transition in my life. I’ve been able to identify headtrash (thanks to this group) and keep pushing, knowing that I’ll end up in a better position in the end.

Biggest accomplishment is the growth from no adults in the program to now 10 months later having more adults than kids. Also, personal growth. My confidence has risen tremendously and am eager to speak in front of people.

Got our systems well-documented and ourselves (my business partner and me) off the floor, all without a hiccup. Our employees have stepped up big this year. And joining this group has led to some solid growth. Not where I/we want to be, but 2020 is going to be a game changer… and not the vegan Netflix documentary kind. 😜

3. Increased monthly recurring billing by 43% since Dec. 2018 and we’re projecting 33% increase in total revenue through Dec. 2019.

Opened the group space in April 27 – 345 members since, a strong reputation, and a sense of pride in knowing how hard I’ve worked to make this happen. No short cuts.

best business accomplishment is probably 1) joining this MM and 2) hiring an admin. I can see a clearer vision for the future of my business and systems to put in place to get there. All thanks to everyone here sharing. 🙏

Introducing SGT is the most important decision we made in 2019. Finally took hold and growing that important piece of our business.

 I’ve had way more confidence as a business owner/entrepreneur in the last year. Dodged a potential partner because of my increase in confidence and have become overall more decisive and resilient because of it too.

 Ironically, growing my team. Aside from the above person, my team is super solid and I’m so proud of them.

I was super proud reading their answers and you can see the variety of success here.

Many we’re very growth oriented but several we’re about building their team and themselves.

 There’s one result I see the most from the mastermind setting and that’s an increase in confidence of your ability as a business owner.

It’s the feeling you get when your business ISN’T where you want it to be…But you KNOW in your heart and your gut you WILL get there…THIS is Powerful. 

I will be seeing all 50+ of the SPF Mastermind Members tomorrow morning and wish you could be joining us.

Vince Gabriele

P.S. Email me at to set up a time to chat and see if the SPF Mastermind is the right group for you!

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