virtual mastermind

Next week, I have one open spot to attend my live Mastermind meeting virtually.
Here’s the line-up:

  • State of The Union and What’s Working Now with Vince Gabriele
  • If Vince and Mike Waldron Bought your business, Here’s What We’d do to Double it in 12 Months with Vince Gabriele 
  • How to Become Money Smart so You Have More of It with Mike Waldron 
  • 10 Secrets to Extending Lifetime Customer Value with Frank Nash 
  • Tech Nerd Marketing with Will Matthiessen
  • How to Immediately Find Up to $25,000 of Hidden Treasure in Your Business Without a Single New Client with Tom Leonardis
  • 4 Money Making Haymakers in 90 minutes with Joe Hashey, George McGuire, Brian Sipotz, and Carly Fernald
  • Installing your 120 Day Money Map with Vince Gabriele

Would you like to join us? 

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