What Gym Owners Need To STOP Doing

Here’s the classic schedule for a gym owner…

·     6 AM-11 AM: Train Sessions

·     11 AM-4 PM: Try to run the business, workout, play with the kids or the dog

·     4 PM-8 PM: Train Sessions

·     Rinse and repeat

This can’t last.

It shouldn’t

It’s a recipe for burnout, nothing else.

If you’re here…I’ve been here too.

When I was in it…it didn’t feel as crazy as it does typing it out today.

Some will say, you do what you gotta do.


But staying here will lead to lots of problems.

Don’t take this personally…

I’ve yet to coach a gym owner doing this schedule that wants to keep it.

They hire me for a way out.

If you stay here, it tells us one thing…

You’ve yet to find people that you trust to help you run your business.

Maybe it’s a part time trainer, a marketing assistant, an operations person or even a GM.

Either way, you continue to run yourself into the ground because you could be a narcissist.

The narcissist gym owner (I used to be one of them) says things like…

·     No one can get things done like me.

·     There aren’t any good people out there.

·     It only takes me a few minutes.

You could be right…and being right in this case could be a very bad thing.

Because you’re still working…working…working…busy…busy…busy and not able to enjoy the ONE freedom owning a gym brings.

So, it’s really not about managing time better.

It’s about identifying the hard decisions we need to make to continue to grow.

Being more productive always comes with delegating and elevating.

This is the #1 way to get better at time management.

Identify what you need to stop doing.

Then find your highest and best value to your business…

And just do that.

I’ve helped tons of gym owners retire from low value work and find the few important things they need to be doing.

I’ll be leading the members in my private community through a training tomorrow at NOON EST to help.

We’re going to figure out…

1.   What you should STOP doing

2.   What 3-4 things you need to be doing

3.   What you need to delegate to make this work

Would you like to join us?

Vince Gabriele

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