What kind of idiot walks away from 20K/month

What kind of idiot walks away from a business that was generating 20K/month?

Well, that idiot is me. 

Here’s the story. 

When I started, I was a sports performance guy and pretty much just trained athletes. 

Training athletes used to stress me out because there were months of the year where revenue would drop to the ocean floor.

As the years went by, I started to train more and more adults over 40. 

I realized these adults stayed longer and actually very rarely took any time away.

When I got to 50/50 I ran into another problem, an identity crisis. 

It also exposed some big challenges with marketing as well. 

Needless to say, it got complex, so I decided to go all in on adult and not focus on athletes.

I still trained athletes, however, that was another mistake.

Because we had a non-existent external marketing plan we had no focus on who we were bringing in.

After a while, the program dwindled. 

We dropped in revenue year after year and finished last year with our worst year in athlete revenue ever. 

A program that was once my baby and was all I could think about was a shell of itself.

No one’s fault but mine.

But, I needed to either revitalize it or drop it.

Instead of trying to revitalize the program, when Covid hit, I dropped it. 

It’s gone. 

Since I have my adult clients, Mastermind business, tech company and media business it was a smart decision for me because it allows me to focus more. 

It may not be the right decision for you and in no way, am I saying you should drop yours.

In fact, if I did not have several other streams of income, I would have brought it back.

This is simply a lesson of focus and not continuing with something if you cannot do it up to your standards.

But now, since its gone, it has created a bunch of new ideas. 

Ideas I’m excited about.

So, that’s the long story of why an idiot gave up a program that essentially was the thing that got this idiot started in business.

There are times where quitting could be your best option, this idiot quitter probably made a great decision. 

Up next, Gabriele Fitness Jiu Jitsu…LOL.

Vince Gabriele

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