When Is It Time To Raise Prices?

It’s not uncommon for an SPF mastermind member to start celebrating they are making more money. 

 It usually goes like this: 

They learn the skills to become better at marketing, then they put those skills into action. 

Leads start flowing in. 

Once gym owner in Virginia call this phenomenon “Endless lead flow”! 

When the lead flow increases your chance to make money increase. 

There is one statement that gets them into trouble and it forces me to tell them they need to do something very hard. 

When they start celebrating about how their closing everybody, this simply means they need to raise their prices. 

It does not mean you’re so great at sales, it just means you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. 

If everyone signs up because the prices are too low you’ll start running into issues like the gym being too crowded, you’ll need to start hiring more trainers and support staff, invest in more equipment and eventually and larger facility. 

When you have to do all this, you start digging into your margins and you’ll make less money. When your margins shrink: 

  • You have less money to put into your personal bank account
  • Less money to re-invest into your business and improve the customer experience
  • Less Money to pay your team

Charging less than what your worth is bad for you.

It’s bad for your team. 

It’s bad for your members. 

No one wins when you undervalue what you do. 

I know this stuff can be hard and I have helped hundreds of gym owners fix their pricing strategy. 

It’s honestly the fastest way to start making more money. 

Here’s a link to hop on a call so I can help you with your prices. 

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