Why Gyms Get Stuck at $300K and $600K – Podcast


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Vince unpacks why gyms get stuck at 300K and 600K and what you need to do to orchestrate your breakthrough.

He discuses:

  • The 2 things that need to collide to have a successful gym and why most never get both right 
  • Why gyms get stuck at 300K
  • Why gyms get stuck at 600K
  • The number one skill you need when you open your business
  • The 3 things that truly make up a great marketing strategy and why the system is broken when all 3 are not working well
  • The number one skill in marketing. Vince has developed in the last year and is advising all his clients to do the same
  • The massive mistake people are still making with Facebook
  • Plus, he unpacks some info on his 6-week new client surge program that launches on February 4th


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