Why Gyms Struggle After Early Success

A few years back we hit a roadblock at my gym. 


We had been cruising for several years and I took my foot off the gas. 


We hit our first year of no growth, the only one in our 10 years. 


Everything was off, I was disconnected from the business and people were just not as excited to be there as they once were.  

After many years of springing out of the car to go to my happy place, 
the gym, it had become a stress, I found myself sitting in my car in those tough times, not wanting to go in.  


My business needed a bolt of lightning through it to get back the spark we once had.  


Our team needed it. 

Our current members needed it


Our community needed it. 


From one idea and a commitment to a new marketing strategy we had a breakthrough year. 


The single idea that sent a bolt of lightning through my gym was something called the Sweepstakes. 


It is hands down the absolute best marketing event a gym owner could ever deploy into their business. 


It not only worked at my gym, it has worked like gangbusters at all the other gyms that I have taught this to. 


After being on the phone with dozens of gym owners in the last few weeks, many of them need a bolt of lightning through their gyms. 


They need something to happen to get their team members excited about coming to work. 


They need the community to start saying “What the heck is going on down there at (enter gym name)”. 


The Sweepstakes was the marketing event that gave us the surge we needed to not only add 200K in additional revenue but to provide a revitalizing energy into my business. 


Several years later, we still benefit from this one event. 


I’ve never really talked about the Sweepstakes in detail except in my book where I just scrape the surface. 


But recently I put together a 2-hour presentation for my Mastermind members to help them implement the sweepstakes. 


I broke it down, step by step and even gave them everything we used to make it a success. 


I’m really fired up that I have decided to add a bonus module to my new upcoming Surge Program that will give you that exact information. 

Send me an email, Vince@gabrielefitness.com, with SURGE in the Subject if you’re interested in chatting about it. 


After this bonus module, you’ll have the power of the most successful marketing event in the history of my company and be able to send a bolt of lightning through your business.  


This Sweepstakes Presentation is one small, but very powerful part of the Surge Program.  


The Surge is built to help you become the master of your marketing. 


It is NOT a quick fix lead gen program that promises you 300 leads in 3 days. 


It’s a 6-week course that teaches you how to build a marketing system into your business. 


Each module is presented LIVE via Zoom and is recorded for your review. 


We currently have about 10 seats remaining so please book your call asap, the last Surge program was sold out.  


It’s honestly what every gym owner needs. 


A marketing system that will last for the long haul. 


Send me an email, Vince@gabrielefitness.com, with SURGE in the Subject if you’re interested in chatting about it. 



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