Why I Give Out Pens To My Clients

On this episode of Fitness Business University, Vince Gabriele talks about why he gives out logo’d pens to the gym owners he mentors in his Mastermind program.  His pens have the logo SPF on them which stands for Simple, Profitable and Fun, a motto he wants the gym owners to know and live.

Vince references a children’s book, “Stomp Out the ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) by Sally-Anne McCormack, which talks about dealing with the negative thoughts or “Head Trash” as Vince coined it.  When these thoughts arise, which they will, how do you manage them. First, you ask yourself the Super Power Question, “Are you 100% sure this thought is true”?  Does that date support your negative thoughts–because often times it doesn’t. 

But this episode isn’t about the head trash you experience almost on a daily.  It’s about the SPF pen that one of Vince’s mentees posted on Facebook, that included the picture of him using the pen and captioning the picture, “whenever I have head trash, I grab this pen and start writing”. 

This is an excellent example of how what some view as a promotional item, as building omnipresence for your brand. It reinforces the branding for you. It keeps your brand top-of-mind for them.  It’s a conversation starter.  

So next time you think about your promotional materials, think about giving your clients and customers something that they will use often and keep them reminded of you.  A water bottle, t-shirt, etc.

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