why I stopped training athletes

Attention Gym Owners That Train Athletes…

Tomorrow at noon EST I will be unpacking the secrets behind us selling out our winter athlete program before it even started.

In light of the holiday season the training will be free for the first 5 people that follow instructions below. 

Here’s some of what I’ll cover:

  • Why I decided to drop my sports performance program entirely a year ago…and why you should consider doing this too
  • What made me bring it back under a different name…and how I got around spending thousands of dollars for some stoopid marketing company to “re-brand” it for me
  • How I I have the nerve to have 107 athletes in the program and not talk to ONE parent…or train ONE single athlete…or do ONE single sales consultation…or run ONE free speed clinic 
  • The exact job ad I used to hire the guy that runs the entire show…and what qualities I was looking for in him 
  • How we’re using Facebook ads successfully even with horrific images, very basic copy and a landing page that leaves them frustrated about the lack of information and gives them no other choice except to enter their email and phone number
  • My brilliant idea to make eight thousand dollars with one email that you can swipe tomorrow
  • Discover the MOST power law of persuasion to use in your athlete marketing…this law is different than what’s commonly thought of as the MOST powerful law. 
  • How we’re using our athlete sign-ups to flood our adult fitness program 

This is as in-the-trenches business coaching as it gets. 

So, if you’d like to attend…

Send an email to Megan@vincegabriele.com with GRIT in the subject.

Sadly, since this is a presentation to my private group…

 …We’re only taking the first 5 people that email Meg to get into the training.


Vince Gabriele 👍

P.S. The training is tomorrow at 12 PM EST. There will NOT be a replay available to non-members. 

P.P.S. Even if you do not train athletes, this is a very valuable training to attend. Much of what I will teach can be applied to marketing and branding for adults pending you are able to think creatively. 

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