Why This Business Owner Didn’t Come to My Talk in Denver

The day before I speak I go into introvert mode.  

Other than jumping on a Zoom call with the SPF Mastermind, I spent the day in Denver by myself. 

 I had breakfast, looked over my slides, went to an oxygen bar, jumped into an infrared sauna, went for a 90-minute walk around Mile High Stadium and finished the night with some bourbon and an amazing dinner at the Buckhorn Exchange, the oldest restaurant in Denver.  

 It’s very important I get this introverted focused time the day before I speak because it has proven time and again to have me ready to roll the next day. 

 But something happened during my day I wanted to share. 

 While I was at the Oxygen Bar and Infrared Sauna place, I ran into the owner. 

 She was nice and asked me what I was in town for. 

 I told her I was speaking at the MindBody Bold Tour.  

 She used MindBody and mentioned they had called her about coming to the event. 

 I said she should go, I will be talking about how she can get more clients and make more money. 

 She said something along these lines: 

 I am too busy to go to something like that and plus I don’t want to drive all the way into the city (15-minute drive). 

 This is the saga of so many business owners. 

 They work so hard being busy, they never actually get time to get out of the day to day to actually think about what they are doing and learn something new.  

 Thinking is one of the most important things an entrepreneur needs to do.  

 It’s really hard to think when you’re always locked in your business. 

 Going to events and workshops pulls you out of the day to day and gives you a different perspective aside from slaving away inside the walls of your business.  

 Now I could be wrong and this girl could be absolutely crushing it and needs no help at all learning about getting new clients and making more money. 

But then I think about some of my Mastermind members that are crushing it. 

They still take the time to come to me 3x a year for 2 days. 

They learn, collaborate, connect, think and create. 

They get reignited about their business and leave these 2 days with enormous clarity and excitement about their business.  

This is one of the main reasons they are all doing so well, they take this time to get away and think about how they can make their business better. 

If you’re stuck working IN your business and need to get out and think a little about where you’re going then I have a cool opportunity for you. 

I have one empty seat for my Orlando Mastermind that I’m reserving for a gym owner on my email list.  

Send me an email, vince@gabrielefitness.com, to chat with me to see if you’re a fit to come to our Mastermind meeting in Orlando next month. 


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