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Free Money-Making Webinar for Gym Owners starts tomorrow! 

24 hours to go before we go LIVE.  

There’s less than 60 seats left on my free LIVE training this week.  

The live training is titled: New Jersey Gym Owner Teaches Exact 3-Step Recipe Used to Bring in 29 New Members (1k+) in 31 Days…During the Heart of the Pandemic 

Register here.

There is a ton of stuff out there like this but here’s why this one is different. 


I’m NOT a fly by night Facebook ad guy or a gym owner that did ok for 2 years and now teaches people how to build the gym of their dreams. 

I have run a brick and mortar gym for the last 12+ years and I know what it takes to build a gym that gives you financial security… 

…And I especially know how to do it in pandemic because just like you… 

…I just DID IT…and led 50 of my Mastermind members through it too.  

There are countless consultants telling how they would structure their business IF they owned a gym.  

Well, that’s nice…but I’m not really interested in playing fantasy gym owner.  

The ONE skill that has helped us achieve this success is because we’ve mastered the skill of getting more from less.

We’re going talk about pricing, ways to get new clients with ZERO ad spend, how to use technology to leverage your time and a truckload more   
There are not that many seats left – and based on all the responses, this webinar will be oversubscribed – and you’ll need to show up five minutes early to get into the training. 

We start tomorrow– Friday 30th – and I’m teaching it again Saturday the 31st at 12pm EST. 

Register here. 

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • A Covid-19 Discovery: Exactly where to look to find the hidden money in your business that will cost you nothing in ad spend 
  • How to attract the small pocket of high paying clients (the same ones your competitors swear don’t exist because of Covid-19) …Who are willing to write checks 2-5x your normal prices 
  • How to simply and easily make a few tweaks to your current pricing model based on the current recession…that’ll transform your business  
  • How to multiply your profits in a simple way almost every other Business Coach Ignores 
  • How to write text messages and emails that get killer response rates…results I’ve never seen before 
  • Plus, I’m going to reveal the details of my new business coaching course for gym owners running their business in a pandemic and a recession.  

I am beyond excited to share this with you that I have up until now, kept exclusively for my private Mastermind members. 

Here’s a final thought that will help you to decide to join my upcoming free training:  

Change is inevitable.  

I’m not going to force you to go On-line or run a hybrid model. 

I’m just going to tell you how to make some serious money fast based on the current climate…and I have proven results to back it up. 

This webinar is NOT me telling you what I think you should do…it’s giving you a real life true story of success and how you can apply this to your business.  

Register here.


Vince Gabriele 

P.S. If for some reason you cannot make it tomorrow, be sure to register to anyway because I will be running it again on Saturday

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