10 Lessons From 10 Years (Lesson 1)

I celebrated 10 years of owning a gym this past Saturday night.    

This is a rare accomplishment and one I’m very proud of.  

This does not happen without the great people, both past and present that helped us along the way.   

Over the next week or so I’m going to be sharing 10 really cool business and life lessons I’ve learned.   

Lesson 1 of 10  

It’s usually never as bad as you make it.   

I’ve been sued, audited, had my right-hand man leave 30 minutes before I signed a million-dollar lease.  I have had times where there was a negative balance in my business checking account.   

My brain always made things worse than they actually were.   

The negative thoughts in my head were much bigger problems than what was actually happening.   

One of my mentors, Ari Weinzweig, always says to me, “It’s all imperfect”.  

Things are going to happen in business, many times they are bad.   

But, if you shift the way you think about them from bad to a learning experience, that’s just part of the journey, they won’t tear you up.   

It will not prevent them from happening. It will allow you to handle them much better and get you back on the horse much faster.   

Think of it like this, when it gets really bad, it’s going to get better real soon.  

Our emotions are like the weather, some days it’s nice, some days it rains.   

It’s not going to rain forever and I kind of enjoy a rainy day once in a while.   

We have a saying in the SPF mastermind called:   

 Ignore The Crazy Headtrash (I.T.C.H.)  

When you know that lots of the negative thoughts are just not real, you’ll deal with challenges so much better.   

That’s your main job. Overcome challenges, the better you equip yourself for that the more success you’ll have.   

Talk to you tomorrow for number two.  

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