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From the Desk of Vince Gabriele

Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

Dear Gym Owner

There are 3 Types of gym owners that join my SPF mastermind

1. Gym Owners that are frustrated with how much they are working and feel trapped by their business

2. Gym Owners Frustrated with the amount of money they are bring home from their gym

3. Gym Owners that are doing very well already but want to get to the next level…faster

Wherever you are right now, taking some kind of action toward where you want to go is a key ingredient for success. 

The following info unpacks the details of the program that will save you a truckload of money, time and energy….that is usually wasted when gym owners try to go at it alone.

So what is the SPF Mastermind?

First, S.P.F. stands for Simple, Profitable, Fun. We help gym owners simplify their business, maximize their profit and enjoy life while doing work you love.

Second,  It’s a collection of private training gyms from around the world, working  together to help each other get to the next level of success in their business.

Third,  it’s a coaching, accountability and implementation program for every aspect you’ll need to help you grow your gym. The program is designed to not only help you make more money…but to enhance your life though freeing up your time so you’re working more ON the business instead if IN the business.

The Purpose of this Program is give you

1. Financial Success

While we will not make any specific income promises, the majority of our members get a significant return on their mastermind investment. It’s not uncommon that our members tell us they have more money in their business checking account than they ever had before. Achieving financial freedom is one of the core goals of the SPF Mastermind because freedom of money is the first step to live a life filled with freedom and purpose.

2. Speed

It’s quite possible you have the ability to eventually achieve your business and financial goals on your own.  The SPF mastermind will get you where you want to go 5-10x faster because we’ve been doing this for 15 years and have seen pretty much everything when it comes to the gym business. Our experience will help you get what you want….a LOT FASTER.

3. Clarity

In a world that’s very uncertain, having a support system to guide you in the midst of making big decisions enables you to feel much more secure and confident that you’re going in the right direction. Whether that’s who to hire or if you should open another gym, the advice from a mastermind reduces fear, anxiety and stress which inturn gives you clarity and peace of mind.

New Members are accepted to the SPF Mastermind after an application review and initial coaching call with Vince.

Please note:
Filling out this application does not guarantee acce
ptance to the program

Here’s the 5 Things that make the SPF Mastermind Different from other masterminds and coaching groups

1. Created Specifically For Gym Owners…By a Gym Owner

Only after a decade of running my own gym(…that hit 7 figures for the majority of those years) did I start coaching other gym owners. This means what you’ll learn in the SPF Mastermind is business building from the trenches. You won’t have to worry about me coming out with cool ideas for you to test. What we teach has already been tested and proven to work, only then do we teach it to you.

2. Heavy Focus on Building Long Term Business Success

Most of the testimonials you see from business coaches like me are in my opinion pretty weak. The guy who says he helps a gym owner get 343 leads in 7 days is great…but where is that same gym owner’s 5 years from now? As you’ll see from the testimonials in this brochure, we get people results for the long haul…which are the type of results that changes lives.(our real mission)

3. 1-1 Support and Weekly Meetings

The typical mastermind I joined in my career were a few meetings a year and that was pretty much it. The SPF mastermind was built to be your business coach with you every step. We do this through weekly group calls every Wednesday and from 1-1 breakthrough calls…where you can get the exact coaching you need when you need it.

4. We are Powered by Marketing

Marketing was the one skill I learned that took my gym from good…to one of the best in the country. I have personally spent the last decade learning all I can about marketing. Lucky for me, and my clients it’s the one skill I love learning about most. On top of that, I own a marketing agency called KISS marketing. We are the chosen agency for some of the top names in the fitness industry and build websites and run ads for hundreds of gyms just like yours. Because of this we have an endless mountain of data that tells us what’s working now. All of that information is brought into the SPF Mastermind.

5. We Know Small Group Personal Training

Over 90% of the gyms in the SPF mastermind do small group personal training. The majority of the independently owned gyms are moving towards this type of training because it’s massively profitable and pretty simple to run if you know what you’re doing. I have used this model at my own gym since 2007 and there are very, if any business coaches that have the amount of experience. We’ve helped countless gyms transition to this model and even have full time team members that specifically help you with anything you need regarding this type of training.

Why are the Gym owners in SPF So Successful?

1. They get together in-person every 4 months

Being part of a group that forces you to get out of your gym 3x per year will bring more clarity to your business than anything else. The SPF mastermind leaves their business and comes to our live meetings to get clear-headed, focused, inspired and connected. Do this for a while and it’ll change your entire life.

2. They get together Virtually Every Week

As mentioned above, meeting weekly is the way we stay connected with you all year round. We have our weekly meetings on Wednesdays which is a very strategic decision to pull you out of the muck of the day to day and help you get re-energized about running your gym.

3. They have access to a coach to solve their most pressing issues 

Since this is not a franchise and every gym we work with has their own set of unique issues, challenges and opportunities…we understand that 1-1 is essential. Our Coaches have all owned or run gyms and have the experience to help our members solve problems fast.

4. They get accountability from our team and from their fellow peers in the group  

We treat our business just like you. If your clients aren’t showing up to the gym, they won’t get the results they want. The same goes for the gym owners in SPF which is why we keep tabs on you. If you’re not pulling your weight in terms of taking advantage of all the money making opportunities you have…we’’l let you know. 🙂

On top of that, there have been lifelong friendships formed from being a member of SPF. This serves as another layer of accountability for our members because they don;t want to let their buddies down.

Here’s Exactly What Having a More Simple and Profitable Gym Will do for you

1. Freedom

This is what it’s all about. The money you’re trying to make is really all about achieving a sense of freedom in your life. Personally, my gym gave me the freedom to start this group. Others spend their time climbing mountains, some spend it bullying business empires. Whatever they decide to do with their freedom, it was success in business that gave it to them. That’s what we want for ALL of our members.

2. Growth

Having a SPF gym will be the catapult for you to grow your checking account. Many gym owners in SPF credit us for transforming their lives because of the financial security they achieved from being in the group. But there’s another layer of growth that comes in the form of being in SPF, an unexpected one. That is growth as a person. We see gym owners become better parents, improve their marriages, grow spiritually and grow their legacy. If you want to grow, this is the group for you. 

3. Contribution

The person that’s drowning will never be able to help others. Business owners who are stressed out and strapped for cash will most likely not make a big impact on the world. Growth and Freedom bring something even more powerful…that is your impact on others. This will ultimately be the thing you’ll be most proud of at the end and having an SPF Business will give you this opportunity.

4. Higher Level Work

Many gym owners come to us burned out from working way too many hours IN their business. The SPF gym owner understands that the more higher level work they do for their company, the more it will grow. This concept has seen many of our members completely remove themselves from the day to day operations and act as a true CEO and leader to their company.

New Members are accepted to the SPF Mastermind after an application review and initial coaching call with Vince.

Please note:
Filling out this application does not guarantee acceptance to the program

Who is this Mastermind perfect for?

How to Apply for Membership

Because I want to remove any risk to you of joining this mastermind we have an application process instead of an enrollment form. The application will lead you to a call with us and together we can decide if this is the right decision for you.