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I need your advice about my knee pain.

No crazy event happened to my knee, it just hurts.

It hurts more when I exercise and I think I need to see a doctor.

I’ve been treating it myself for now.

I’ve been putting ice on it, that helps temporarily.

I’ve put a tiger balm patch on it, that helps too, but only when I wear the patch.

I wear a sleeve on my knee to keep it warm when I play hoops.  It helps a little but the pain is still there.

If you were my trainer what would you do?

Would you keep giving me more stuff to do to my knee?

Or, would you take a different approach?

You may look at my hips.

It could also be my ankle.

It could be extreme tension in my rec fem.

Regardless, if you know your stuff, you would not just tell me to keep doing things to the area that hurts.

I know (and hope) most of you know this…

But, what I don’t know is why this approach is not applied to solving problems in your business.

What’s the knee pain for your business at this moment?
Maybe it’s cash flow, maybe your expenses are too high, maybe it’s not enough quality leads, etc.

Whatever you write down is NOT the actual problem, it’s the symptom.

It’s knee pain.

Becoming a better gym owner and experiencing more success is in direct proportion to your ability to solve problems.

But before you solve a problem, you need to be sure it’s the actual problem and not the symptom.

Getting to the root cause is the secret.

All the money is in finding out why you’re having the symptom in the first place.

When I get on calls with my Mastermind members I don’t just answer their questions.

Many times, I’ll tell them this is simply the wrong question.

Then, I take them through the process of finding the real problem.

I’ve helped these guys solve LOTS of REAL problems and saved them a ton of time and money in the process.

Vince Gabriele

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