101 Ways to get New Clients without Facebook Ads

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  1. Call your old ones and invite them back
  2. Optimize your website with a better call to action
  3. Email your list 3x per week
  4. Run a ladies’ night with Yoga and Wine
  5. Run a sweepstakes giveaway
  6. Create a joint venture with a local Physical Therapist
  7. Run ads on Google and drive them to a landing page or your website
  8. Put a chat feature on your website to communicate with them immediately 
  9. Team up with a local well-known doctor and run a seminar at your gym
  10. Call all of your unconverted leads and give them a better offer to get started
  11. Create a lead magnet in the form of a 2-page PDF that solves a problem for your target market and drive traffic to it
  12. Have a joint venture send out your lead magnet to their list and have a follow-up sequence ready 
  13. Run a bring a friend day, week or month
  14. Beef up the amount of google reviews you have by setting a goal of getting 3 per week
  15. Send a 9-word email to your list a few times a month
  16. Ask your clients for a referral and give them a gift to give their friend
  17. Give clients that sign up with you a free one month membership to give as a gift
  18. Run an ad in a local magazine and drive them to an offer
  19. Start a local podcast that talks to your community about health and fitness
  20. Have a booth at a local 5K
  21. Connect with local professionals on linked in
  22. Run a 6-week challenge
  23. Have a Referral Contest
  24. Run a charity Workout
  25. Have a seminar for men over 40 that talks about lowering blood pressure, increasing testosterone and losing belly fat
  26. Speak in front of your local chamber of commerce about health and fitness
  27. Send a direct mail campaign to all lawyers in your community
  28. Give a joint venture relationship 15 free memberships and have their list apply to win one of them
  29. Have a stretching table at a local golf tournament and raffle off a membership
  30. Write a book and do a local speaking tour about the book
  31. Run a spouse trains free campaign
  32. Promote a Black Friday Deal
  33. Give all of your members a free month to give as a gift around the holidays
  34. Host a Free workout open to the community once per week
  35. Build an automated follow-up system
  36. Send a direct mail letter to all new residents that loved to your area
  37. Highlight the success of your members on a regular basis via email and social media
  38. Engage with all people that like or comment of your Instagram and Facebook Posts and offer them free information
  39. Film testimonial Videos and use them in your marketing
  40. Hire a local photographer to take great pictures to use in your ads and social posts
  41. Learn how to write incredible headlines that capture people’s attention
  42. Partner with a local Yoga Studio and cross promote
  43. Give a famous local orthopedic surgeon 5 large yellow envelopes filled with stuff about your gym so they can give them to their patients need of personal training
  44. Have a pot luck healthy recipe night where you invite members and their friends to display their best healthy dish and create a recipe book from all the different recipes
  45. Run a 21-day detox in the new year
  46. Have a sale on valentine’s day for spouses to purchase a month at a discount
  47. Have a workout at your facility the day after Thanksgiving and encourage your members to bring family and friends
  48. Run ads on linked in
  49. Start a health and fitness column in your local newspaper (print or digital)
  50. Be active in your local community Facebook groups and provide value to them
  51. Be Sponsor for a local organization that shares your target market
  52. If you train athletes, offer their parents a free month
  53. Create a joint venture with a local car dealership that has a similar target market and tell them everyone that buys a car with them get a free month at your gym 
  54. Get your members to give you 5 star reviews on Facebook
  55. Put an irresistible call to action in the Bio of your Instagram channel
  56. Co-author a book with one of your members that’s had great success and run a seminar and book signing
  57. Give out metal cards to your members to give to friends
  58. Offer a local celebrity to come train at your gym for free
  59. Become a local celebrity yourself through regular public speaking, writing a book or aligning with other well-known people in your community
  60. Put regular content on your blog to drive traffic to your website
  61. Start a TV show about health and fitness on your Youtube Channel.
  62. Have a movie night at your gym and encourage your members to bring family and friends. 
  63. Apply to win awards ie best gym in Anytown, USA
  64. Use any logos of publications you’ve been featured in to demonstrate credibility and authority
  65. Use articles from respected publications like the Wall Street Journal or New York Times that talk about the benefits of exercise and nutrition in your emails and social posts
  66. Run an advertorial in your local newspaper 
  67. Put a Call to action on the Header of your Business Facebook Page
  68. If you train athletes, run FREE Speed training demo 
  69. Host a seminar that features a celebrity either local
  70. Run a workshop where people can come to set fitness goals for the year
  71. Have an open house where your community and come and check out your gym
  72. Promote a free workout, free week or free 14-day trial. 
  73. Organize a Spartan Race among your members and encourage them to ask friends and family to join them
  74. Send an email to your list about a blog you wrote and drive them to read it on your website
  75. Send a Print Newsletter to all members and former members
  76. Send Happy Birthday cards to all members and former members with a free gift
  77. Ask 5 successful local businesses that share your target market what their best way to bring in new members 
  78. Approach a local restaurant about creating healthy menu items to display on their menu and include your contact info or lead magnet on the menu.
  79. Have an annual client holiday party and encourage your clients to bring friends and family
  80. When you sponsor a 5K place a letter with an offer in an oversized orange envelope in the runner bags they get at registration
  81. Include a super signature in your emails
  82. Sponsor the food and drinks for the local bar association meeting (lawyer group) and ask to do a mini presentation with an offer. 
  83. Put an A-Frame Sign out in front of your gym
  84. Post pictures of your members holding a sign that says “I feel better at 50 than I did at 40”
  85. Run a 21-day Summer Slim program leading up to Memorial Day.
  86. Partner with a local Acupuncturist that shares your target market and cross promote
  87. Have a grocery store tour to teach people about healthy eating and open it to your members and the community
  88. When a member tells you they love your gym ask them for a referral or a testimonial
  89. Have an ongoing program where you give your team members a cash reward if they bring in a new member
  90. Send a highly qualified prospective client a shock and awe gift in the mail that contains gifts, info about your gym and a free offer to get started
  91. Approach local businesses in your area about doing a lunch and learn at their office for their employees
  92. Start running ads on nextdoor.com
  93. Run Ads on Instagram
  94. Take a years worth of educational emails you wrote and turn that into a book 
  95. Have someone look at your website to see if it’s actually converting
  96. Be a guest speaker at a local PTA Meeting
  97. Partner with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and offer to participate with the fitness merit badges
  98. Survey your members and ask them what other businesses they frequent to get ideas about potential joint ventures
  99. Send a letter in the mail to all former members, follow up with an email and then a phone call with an offer to come back for free
  100. Build an automated funnel to follow-up with leads after they give you their contact info
  101. Do a damn good job training your clients, get them results and hire great people and let word of mouth be a key driver of your success. 

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