18 Recession Marketing Tips

I recently recorded 18 short podcasts.

Each show holds a money-making tip that you can implement as we navigate our businesses through a recession and a pandemic. 
You can listen to all of them here. 
Vince Gabriele

P.S. Yesterday I started Module 1 of the 6-week new client surge program with 25 gym owners from around the world…

….It was epic as we recorded the longest call in Surge history….3 Hours and 15 minutes!!!!

The reason we went so long was because of the Q/A section.

This was one of the most engaged groups I’ve had yet and they asked a ton of questions about how they can grow their business in a recession and a pandemic.

I woke up early this morning and saw that someone joined the program late last night so they will need to watch the recording of epic module 1 this week.
If you suffer from some FOMO you can join us late here 🙂 

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