3 Things I’m Focusing on to Get New Clients

Here are 3 things to focus on right now to get new clients:

1.  Referrals 
2.  Retention
3.  Re-activation

I could end the email here as many of you get it.

At GFP, we’ve been adding 20-30K in new business each month using essentially this strategy. 

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself about these three money drivers…

1.  What am I currently doing to get referrals?

This question shines the light on if you’re sitting and waiting for referrals or if you’re being pro-active and asking your clients for them.

Over the past 9 months you’ve built up some serious good will with your members. 

They think the world of you and your effort to keep them going throughout this pandemic.

But even if they think this, it doesn’t mean they’re going to spend their day thinking about how to drive referrals to your business.

Even with all the good will you’ve built up…you still need to educate them on HOW they can refer people to you.

2.  Retention

What does my business do that keeps people coming back year after year?

This shines the light on what your people value most. 

If you don’t know the answer to this question than it’s time to get busy talking to your clients about this.

Ask them why they stay, what they love most, etc. 

This will give some amazing fuel for your marketing.

Good retention and happy clients also gives you the opportunity to ask them to move up and pay more.

This is a secret money driver very few gym owners use successfully.

Who are all the happy clients coming 2x/week that would probably do 3x/week?

Set up a goal to talk to 10-20 clients a month about upgrading.

The same rule applies here as does for referrals.

They most likely do not even know what else you offer.

Your job is to tell them.

3.  Re-activation

Who is on my list that is NOT currently paying me that would probably come back if I asked them?

This is where you can make up some HUGE ground.

The reason is trust.

People are being much more careful with who they spend money with these days. 

They want to do business with people they trust.

The people that have had encounters with you before most likely still trust you. 

Most people that leave your gym left because life got in the way…not because they don’t like you anymore.

They still trust you.

Which means it’s easier and less expensive to get them to come back than it is to win over a new client.

Hopefully this simplifies your new client getting strategy right now.

Focus on Referrals, Retention and Re-activation to continue to plow through this pandemic.

Good luck!

Vince Gabriele 

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