This is it…

There’s just TWO HOURS to go before we close enrollment for the 6-Week New Client Surge (Covid-19 Edition).

After this, we’re shutting it down.

Here’s just a few things the gym owners that were taught the skills in the Surge program have been able to accomplish:

1. They see more money in their checking account than ever that served them very well when Covid hit

2. They now have the cash on hand to invest in new team members and stop doing all the sessions themselves which allowed many to avoid burnout during Covid-19

3. They now have the business that allows them tospend a week in Disney with their family…

4. They now spend the mornings eating breakfast with their kids instead of training the 5 AM session

5. They have opened second locations

6. They are back in love with their business and excited to get to gym

7. They’ve opened college funds for their children

8. They’ve purchased homes

9. They’ve paid off all their debt

The big commonality is these guys are growing

They’re growing financially, personally, mentally and emotionally.

One of the big things I see is they are also simply happier.

They’re less stressed because they have gotten the grip they needed on their business.

They have control.

When you have get control, specifically over the in-flow of new members, a ton of problems get solved.

When you own the marketing, everything gets better.

I can promise you that simply when you make the decision to join the Surge…you’ll feel a relief.

The relief comes from you being decisive.

From making an investment in yourself and your business.

There’s not much time and there’s really no risk due to the money back guarantee.

· If you want your gym to grow, Surge will make it happen

· If you want a business that does not depend on you for every dollar earned,Surge will be the catapult

· If you want to make finally start making some real money and stop competing with the average gyms in the industry, Surge is your answer

I’m looking forward to helping you get the gym of your dreams.

Click here to get rolling


 We start at 12pm EST on Tuesday February 9th – and if you are already busy at that time, don’t sweat it – we send you the replay to work through at your own time and convenience…

Enroll here.

This is your last chance.

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