4 Places to find trainers right now

It’s no secret that it’s tough to find trainers right now.

To make matters more challenging…many gyms(mine included) have lost trainers through Covid due to them starting new careers or going online. 

As I’m becoming known more and more as a truth-teller instead of a business coach… here’s a hard one.

You will need to do more to find your next trainer than you used to

This means that popping an ad up on indeed is not going to work like it used to.

It’s kind of like the harsh marketing reality that came about a few years ago when Facebook stopped being the only thing you needed to get new clients.

Nope. You’ll need to think a little harder on this one:

•  You may need to look into other job sites 
• You may have to steal, I mean recruit from other gyms 
• You may need to transform one of your members into a trainer
• You may need to create an internship process that delivers a steady pipeline 

You may need to…you get the point.

Your team is THE most important part of your business.

This is a BIG obstacle that you face today…and the gym owners that get busy taking action on a plan to break through this obstacle…will be the ones with stronger teams and better businesses.

You hopefully have a marketing plan.

You hopefully have a financial plan. 

But most do NOT have a recruitment plan…and we all need one. 

A plan that tells you what to do when you need a trainer but none of the ways you used to get them to work anymore.

I’ll be going over the recruitment plan that I’ve created for my own business…and for the SPF members at Fitness Business Mastery Seminar in December.

Details below 

Vince Gabriele 

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