4 Step Google Review Formula

Social proof is the absolute most powerful law of persuasion…your business will make more money if you use it.

If you currently have clients paying you money, it’s highly likely that you have some testimonials

Many of them are sitting very lonely in your google reviews…and using only 50% of their potential

Here’s a way to maximize them…

Take your reviews and testimonials and start to use them in your marketing emails

I follow a simple formula for this:

Step 1: Read your testimonials and look for specific problems that were solved by my clients.

This is also an incredible way to understand why people came to you in the first place…and why they stay.

There is so much gold in these testimonials and most never even read them.

Step 2: Select one testimonial and build a marketing email around this specific testimonial.

I then write a short intro paragraph that outlines this problem my prospects are going through.

The beauty of this is that all the content is right in front of you. The client did most of the work for you.

Step 3: Copy and paste the actual testimonial in the body and typically italicize it

Be sure to use real names and locations, none of this Mike H crap.

Step 4: Give them a Call to action to work with you

Something along the lines of…

Want to get on the exact same plan that Cathy did?

Click here to get started for free

I got the note below from a Mastermind Member about how being in my group helped him during the pandemic.

I would use this specific testimonial to unpack the problem of a gym owner not having focus…which is a pretty common problem.

“I was running thin. I was literally reaching for every minute to rest so I could survive. Then the COVID-19 happened and all hell broke loose. Thankfully Vince and this Mastermind came through with accountability, guidance, support…saying that there’s value by being part of this group is a huge understatement. My business is here because of everyone in this group. My focus is clear and my steps are so much more strategic. I can honestly say I have more time with my wife and daughter because of the support and ideas passed freely here. Forever grateful.”

– Oliver Nam, Thrive, Orange County CA

Hopefully this one idea gives you several marketing emails you can send in 2023…that take you a LOT less time to write.

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