Bigger threat than the delta strand

Disclaimer: Due to the harsh reality of this email, continuing forward is not for everyone…especially you optimists out there…for those that courageously read on…there’s a free gift at the end. 

The entire brick and mortar is dead thing made me laugh.

Stupid journalists that could never run a business if their life depended on it…just trying to invoke fear into hard-working entrepreneurs like you and me. 

The bounce back from the majority of my coaching clients has been tremendous.

But, the pool of clients we have to draw from…in most areas…is shrinking.

I won’t be stupid myself and ignore the impact of things like Peloton, the mirror, and the other at-home stuff.

I’ve legitimately lost clients at my gym for good due to those things.

So that’s one thing chipping away at the pool of clients you can draw from.

Here’s a bunch more…

The second thing is obvious, that’s your competition in the brick and mortar space.

Gym owners make the mistake and think that only gyms like theirs are competition…not true.

The Pure Barre Studio, Yoga Class, and the big box gym are your competition too…I’ve lost clients from each of these.

People only have so much time to exercise. If they’re at a yoga class, they’re not doing personal training with you. 

Yes in some cases there are synergies but from a financial point of view…

…I’d rather have them do 3x/week at my gym instead of 2x/week with me and the 3rd session at yoga…If everyone does that….that’s ⅓ of your business potential gone!

Next, we have people moving.

After being in business for 13 years I’m shocked at the large amount of clients that have moved out of state.

Nothing you can do here but it takes away from your potential pool…especially if you live in an area like me…where the population has been flat for close to 20 years.

This last one is the most in your control but also is tough…People that just need a change.

There are people out there who just need a little variety or get bored, just like there are routine people who will never leave you. 

There’s stuff you can do…but I wouldn’t go crazy as their exit is

If you don’t think market saturation….caused by several factors(not just one) is a real thing you’re in for a Ravishing Rick Rude

How do you explain why even some of the best gyms in the country…that have been in business for 20 years…only have 200-300 clients?

Heck, they had 200 clients back in 2010. 

Now they only have 220?

What’s the issue?

Marketing? Sales? They got lazy?

Nope. They’re running out of people in their demographic and geographic areas…and the ONLY fix is opening another location to get in front of a new crop of people…which in my experience many do not want to juggle.

More Bad News.

Plus, the more clients you have…the more you will lose.

A gym that has 300 clients…that’s doing outstanding with attrition…should expect to lose 15 members a month. 

This means they need to bring in 15 new members a month…just to stay the same…and these are the good gyms!

Quite the marketing job if you ask me.


Before you exit this ultra depressing email(I warned you earlier) I’ve got a solution for you to help battle this issue.
I’ve created several ways to tackle the issue of market saturation and I can assure none of what you’ll learn is being taught in the fitness industry. 

While I cannot make more people move into your neck of the woods…

I can help you make important decisions with the structure of your business so you continue to grow…despite all the bad news I dropped earlier. 

I’ve cracked the market saturation code…and lived to talk about. 

It’s all outlined in detail on pages 19-31 of my book Unshakeable Gym 

Due to what’s happening in the world right now, this book should be in your library…and I’m making it super easy for you today. 

I wrote the book for gym owners to help them navigate their business in a pandemic…unfortunately we’re still going. 

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Vince Gabriele 

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