Happy Birthday!

To Me!

Today is my 42nd birthday…and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s better to give than to receive. 

Because of that I’ll be unpacking a host of life and business lessons I’ve learned over the course of this weekend.

 I’m not sure how many I’m going to share as I plan to have some fun this weekend but stay tuned. 

I’ll share each lesson in three parts:  

Part 1: The Lesson

Part 2: The source I learned it from 

Part 3: My viewpoint on the lesson

Lesson 1: If You Don’t Know What You Want…Nobody Can Help You. 

Source: Thom Plummer, Fitness Business Legend

My Viewpoint: The times I’ve struggled most in my life was when I was unclear on what I wanted the desired outcome to be. 

The times where things seemed to click were when I’d wake up each day with clarity around what I wanted. 

Lesson 2: If You Don’t Know What You Want, Write a Vision Story.

Source: Ari Weinzweig, Founder Zingermans Deli, an 80-million dollar food company in Ann Arbor, Michigan

My Viewpoint: Visioning is quite possibly one of the most impactful business skills I’ve ever learned. 

Whenever I get on the phone with Ari and ask a question, the answer he gives me is almost always, “I don’t man…why don’t you write a vision about it.”

This taught me two things: 1) Here’s a guy that runs an 80-million dollar business that tells me he doesn’t know, talk about being humble and having a beginner’s mind, and 2) I shouldn’t even bother asking for help until I get clarity in what I want. 

Lesson 3: Cash is King

Source: Michael Waldron, my CFO and founder of Carmel Valley

My Viewpoint: What Michael taught me back in 2010 served us very well in a global pandemic. 

Cash is oxygen to a business, when you run out of money the business dies. 

Having a cash cushion of 3-6 months of expenses will help you sleep better and enable you to not run your business from your heels.

Lesson 4: Pay it Forward

Source: Mike Boyle, world famous strength coach

My Viewpoint: As a very young personal trainer, the great Mike Boyle took 3 hours out of his day to answer all of my stupid and ignorant questions. 

When I asked him if I could pay for his time, he said to just pay it forward to others.  I’ve never forgotten that day. 

Lesson 5: Live a Guilt-Free Life

Source: Paul Gough, Founder of Paul Gough Media 

My Viewpoint: While money can give you freedom, true freedom comes in living a life without guilt, expectations and being held back by fear. This was an eye opener for me as someone that admittingly has had guilt about several different aspects of my life.  I realize there is zero benefit to have ANY guilt and it must be left at the doorstep. 

Lesson 6: Writing an Email a Day is the Best Way to Get Better at  Marketing 

Source: Pat Rigsby, Fitness Business Coach 

My Viewpoint:  When you commit to writing an email a day there is no possible way to do this without going deep into the minds of the people you’re writing to. 

The goal of marketing is to enter the conversation already going on in the prospects mind, when you put yourself to the test to do this daily, your marketing skills will become better than you ever expected 

Lesson 7: Be Present 

Source: Vanessa Gabriele, my wife

My viewpoint:  As someone that struggles with being in the moment, I only have to watch the love of my life each day…as there’s no one more present and in the moment as her. 

Sometimes we take for granted the blessings of our weaknesses being strengthened simply by being around certain people.  I have the good fortune that my wife has taught that to me by example. 

That’s it for part 1.

Question for you before I go…

What’s the one business or life lesson you’ve learned over the years that stands out to you most?

Reply HERE and let me know!

Vince Gabriele

P.S. Stay tuned for the rest of the lessons over the course of the weekend. 

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