5 Marketing Ideas in 2021

As I prepare to lead my mastermind through our annual planning workshop here’s what I’m doing differently to generate leads and brand recognition in 2021. 

1.  An Optimized Website

Don’t be fooled by the Facebook ad wizards that tell you don’t need a website. Most of your clients most likely come from referrals….which come from a conversation…that usually send the person interested to your website. 

I recently almost vomited when I saw a high-end marketing agency build one of the worst websites I’ve ever seen for a client of mine…I don’t even want to get into what they paid.

The reality is web designers are NOT marketers…and if you want a website that makes money…find someone that knows what they’re doing…Like my Tech Nerd…who spends every waking moment thinking about how he can get websites to convert better…that’s what you need….

2. Google My Business SEO 

I gotta tell you that this is some of the best money I spend each month on Marketing. I’ve done SEO back in the day, this is NOT that. 

If you want a free tutorial on Google my business SEO you can get access here.

3. Build a Referral Machine 

Trust is paramount right now. People are going to make buying decisions based around people they can trust. 

A referral from one of your active members has some of that trust already established…simply because their friend told them about you.

The secret is building a system so this happens on a regular basis. 

This is where most people fall short and miss so many opportunities to get more regular high quality clients.

4. Joint Venture LIVE Video Seminars 

This is something I’m doing new this year. I arranged with a local organization that has a very large list and we will be doing regular health and fitness training for this organization specifically. 

Step one is finding a local joint venture that has 3 things:

1. Shares the same target market as you do 

2. Communicates with them regularly via email 

3. Is willing to let you control the registrations 

There’s a lot more to this one and I’ll be talking about this in future emails.  

5. Facebook LIVE Weekly show 

We’ve started this recently and it drives a LOT more engagement and leads than just posting on Facebook. 

We do a weekly show with one of our trainers and a client that is kind of a local celebrity. 

There you go…5 ideas to get you thinking.

Want help planning out your marketing and your entire year?

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Vince Gabriele 

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