5 Tips for Setting Your 2019 Goals

I had an amazing planning session with the SPF Mastermind on Friday. 
We went through an extensive 30-page guide to help them map out their entire year.  
The clarity that many of them felt after the meeting was really cool to see and could see the confidence and certainty among them about having an amazing year.  
This 30-page guide is for the sole use of the SPF Mastermind but I want to give you some basics to help guide you.  

1. ​Set Goals for your Personal Life

Don’t just think business and how much money you want to make next year. Your personal life drives your business life. Your marriage, health, family life, and hobbies all play a pivotal role in your business life. 

2. ​Block time for planning out the year

The holidays are great to spend with family but it’s also time to get away from the day to day at the gym and think about what you want. Put time to work on planning out your year on your calendar, preferably this week so you can hit the ground running in January.  

3. ​​
Keep it simple
The only reason why the document I use for my Mastermind member is 30 pages long is they have me and the rest of the group to guide them through. If you’re doing this solo, keep it simple and just set 5 goals for your personal life, 5 goals for your business, map out a plan to market your biz for Q1 and decide on the most important numbers you will hold yourself accountable to.  

​4. ​
Use the S.M.A.R.T Goal method

Be sure any goal you set has the following criteria 

  • Specific: What specifically will I achieve? 
  • Measurable: How will I measure completion? 
  • Achievable: is it achievable by me or my team now? 
  • Relevant: Is it relevant to our vision? 
  • Time Framed: Can it be done by the desired date? 

5. ​Share your goals

Be sure to talk about your goals with your spouse, a mentor, co-worker and not only ask them to hold you accountable but to get their perspective and talk through what you want on a deeper level 
Hope this helps, I’ll be back tomorrow with a Christmas gift for you. 

Vince Gabriele

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