a big bag of dead presidents

I hope my accountant…nor my own mother… reads this article…

A guy recently dropped off a large “bag of cash” at my gym… and promises there’s more coming.

Here’s the story.

Covid hits…54-year-old guy gets quarantined…develops bad habits that impact his health and life.

He’s been bombarded with offers for virtual workouts, Covid health and fitness survival kits and even free offers for personal training sessions….no dice.

How does one get this guy into the gym?…

..A guy that is glued to his desk all day….

And glued to his couch all night?

A three word text was all it took…

That 3-word text resulted in a covert op delivery of a large bag of cash. 

I won’t disclose the exact amount but the first bag well exceeded what our Titanium Membership pays for a year.

The other 3 bags set to be delivered over the next few months could buy you a new car.

The December issue of my marketing newsletter goes to printer tomorrow and has the 3 words and the rest of the story.

In other words…you have till tomorrow to pay your fare ($1) and get on the mailing list so this tree will be shipped to your door.
You can get the 3 word text I used for a buck here.

You’ll also get access to the following articles in the December issue. 

  • Website: More from Less…It Works
  • Your Money: The Key in Crisis
  • Backstage at GFP: The Secrets Behind Our 90% Conversion Rate
  • SPF: Michigan Gym Owner Experiences Life Changing Success
  • Surge: New York Gym Owner Grows Revenue Without Adding Any New Members During the Pandemic

Finally, since you’re parting with your buck today I’ll also throw in the following 

· The January issue of my Marketing Newsletter which means you’ll get a boatload of new ideas to market your gym in 2021. 

· 2 LIVE Presentations via Zoom so you can get access to my latest ideas and coaching….the next one is a week from tomorrow so mark your calendar 

· 2 LIVE Q/A sessions with me which means any questions you have about your business will be answered 

· 60 Days of access to a password protected membership site with gobs of money making resources you can use immediately 

· A private accountability concierge for 60 days so you can get the kick in the pants you need to keep marketing your gym. 

· Access to a community of over 100 gym owners which means you’ll get motivation and inspiration from some of the best gym owners in the world 


See you on the insider trading floor.

Vince Gabriele 

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