A Murder Scene of Poop

I got a call last week to pick up my 3-year-old son at his school.


The call seemed urgent, so I left immediately.


When I got there, it was like a murder scene of poop.


The teachers locked eyes with me as if they were in the middle of some kind of battle.


I did not see my son anywhere, the teacher, not saying a word, pointed to the bathroom.


On my way, the teacher said to me:


“Some of the poop got on the floor of the classroom”


I knew it was bad.


I walked into the bathroom to see my son standing on a small piece of cardboard with a look on face like he had no idea what had just happened.


They had a pair of rubber gloves set out for me and I started to get to work.


There was a box of wet wipes on the counter for me to clean him up.


The only problem was the poop had dried, no wet wipes we’re going to clean this mess up.


I really needed a fire hose.


I knew I needed to take him home but the thought was going through my head of how horrified he was going to be.


How embarrassed he will be to walk by all his classmates literally covered in poop.


Well, there are some benefits to being 3-years–old.


You just don’t give a shit.


He walked out of that bathroom smiling and waving to is classmates like I was taking him out of school to go to the Yankees game.


He just didn’t care.


After the 2-hour bath, I started to reflect on what I learned from this.


I have a habit of taking all bad situations and spinning them into a lesson.


The lesson was to simply not care about the opinions of others.


When you spend your life comparing or wondering what others are thinking you’ll always be unhappy.


This is true in business.


If every email you write, every ad you put out, every change you make, you wonder what others, usually people that really don’t matter, are thinking.  It’s a recipe to get stuck.


We learn to care what others think about us later in life.


There was a time when we just didn’t care.


I wish we could go back to it.


For now, just do your best.


You’ll be happier.



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