a question that’ll change your life

Yesterday I had the honor to interview the great, Matt Furey, at the SPF Mastermind event.

Matt is a legend in the world of E-mail Marketing, Fitness and Personal Development…and has the respect from some of the world’s top marketers including the great, Dan Kennedy.

He packed a crazy amount of value in the 2-hour interview but here’s one small piece of advice I want to share that has the potential to change your life.

Bad stuff happens to every human being on the planet.

Some people shrug it off fast.

Some dwell on it.

How we handle ourselves the tough times is a great measure of our character.

Matt armed us with one question to ask ourselves when bad stuff happens.

The simple act of asking this question will dramatically reduce the time you spend dwelling on whatever the issue is.

The longer you dwell on it the longer you stay in a funk.

The faster you get over it, the more time you’ll spend in peace. 

This question will help you get over stuff….FAST.

Here’s the question:

What’s the Good in This?

Had a bad month?  What’s the good in this?

Had a fight with your spouse? What’s the good in this?

No leads this week? What’s the good in this?

Best team member quit? What’s the good in this?

Your best client terminated their membership? What’s the good in this?

Personal productivity is off track? What’s the good in this?

Got injured? What’s the good in this?

Give it a shot next week and let me know how it goes.

Vince Gabriele 

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