A Secret I’ve Kept…Till Today

Many of you know me as the business coach to some of the best gym owners in the country and a featured speaker on several fitness business circuits.

Others of you know me for building a gym that’s regarded as one of the best in the world and has hit a 7 figure revenue each year for the last 7 years.

Some of you “old school” followers know me from back in the day when I used to train NFL athletes in San Diego.

But here’s a secret I’ve kept from you and I’m ashamed of it.

Not ashamed of the actual secret because it was one of life’s greatest lessons.

I’m ashamed I have not told you sooner.

I started my gym in 2007.

I crushed it from 2007-2010.

I had more cash than I knew what to do with.

But In October of 2010, I stood in the parking lot almost in tears and told my best friend and financial advisor…I was broke.

After seeing a stockpile of cash in my account I just stopped looking and never took any liberty to learn about my finances.

I just took it for granted it would be there.

After several stupid buying decisions, my bank called and informed me of my “low bank balance”.

But more trouble was looming.

I got a call from my accountant with my quarterly tax estimate…

Since we had a big summer of training athletes…

…our tax payment was big too.

That tax bill was ready to wipe out anything I had left in that checking account…I was ashamed, embarrassed, overwhelmed and scared.
This brought thoughts of quitting.

This brought doubt that I should have put a suit and tie on and gotten a real job.

But this gets worse…

At this point, I had not saved any money.

Because I had run out of cash and no marketing skills to be able to generate money quickly…I had to ask for a handout.

I went to my dad and asked him for some cash to be able to cover the tax payment.

It was the worst feeling in the world.

I vowed never to have to do that again and also to never put my family in that risky position again.

I knew I needed to learn about money and asked my best friend to teach me about it…He’s been doing that for the last 10 years.

But what really irked me was that I did not have the skills or the confidence to be able to generate revenue fast when I was in bind.

If I knew how to do this…I never would have had to ask my dad to bail me out.

That’s was also the day I started my education in marketing.

I knew if I knew how to market that I would always be in control and be able to make money quickly.

For the last 10 years I’ve been a student of marketing and sales.

I now hold a set of skills that I feel confident that if everything came crashing down, I know exactly what to do to get it all back.

This allows me to go through life with much less stress, enables me to take more risks and overall just gives me a confidence that I’ll always be able to make it work.

I started this program to help gym owners get those same skills.


Vince Gabriele

P.S. If you’re going through tough times right now, I promise you’re not alone and it can get better

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