I recently took a family vacation to Disneyland in Anaheim California. My daughter is almost 2 so she is starting to learn about all the characters like Mickey, Goofy and Pluto.

This place is incredible. From the parking structure that is as big as a small town to the systematic way you get into the park there is so much we can learn from Disney.

While were walking in the park there was a horse and buggy walking beside us.

All of a sudden while the horse was walking it started taking a massive dump right onto the street.

The ground at Disney is nice cobblestone and you can walk pretty much anywhere so I thought “man, someone is going to have a bad day when they step in that”, then something incredible happened

Before the horse was even finished with his massive dump, a Disney employee started cleaning up the poop.

I was shocked.

It was as if they knew exactly what time the horse was going to poop and had someone right there waiting, that was how fast they cleaned up the mess.

It reminded me that in our businesses we are going to make mistakes, they are just as likely as a horse taking a dump on the street at Disney.

There will be times where you will have a client that did not get the best service or someone fell through the cracks or you said something and they took it the wrong way.

Obviously we must have sound systems to minimize these events but these things happen in business.

How you respond is the most important part.

There is no shame in apologizing and admitting failure; in fact it will strengthen a relationship.

Showing vulnerability is a surefire way to get closer to your clients and your team.

You are a human being and not perfect but one thing we must do is own up to our failures and make things right as fast as possible.

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