A Terrible Way to Structure Your Prices (RANT)

In an effort to not disclose who this email is about I will be describing it somewhat vaguely as I don’t’ have great things to say. 

I recently visited a gym with a buddy while I was traveling.  

The gym was kind of like ours that did personal training and group classes (that’s all I want to say for now). 

We did a workout. It was fine.  

We then went to speak to the owner just to meet her.  

Very unfriendly, somewhat stand offish and borderline Know-it-all-ish. 

One of these, “Yeah we do that already kind of people”. 

After the workout, we thought the place was fine. 

After meeting the owner, we were like this place is meh.  

My friend terminated his membership soon after that experience.  

His sister, who was also a member, stayed and you won’t believe what happened. 

His sister was doing small group training and has young kids at home. 

Her kid was sick and she had to cancel the session, it was within the 24-hour policy so she was billed full price for the session (it was the first time she has late cancelled). 

Then the sister got a call from the other people in the group that expressed their disappointment. 

Since she did not show up, the others were charged more money for their session. 

This happened because it’s a certain price for 3 people and cheaper if there is 4 people. 

So, if you’re expecting to train with 3 other people and only 2 show up, you pay more.  


Talk about not having consistency. 

This has to be one of the biggest mistakes people make when structuring small group training. 

There are SO many problems with this way of billing, it’s a recipe for failure on many levels. 

Why should the people that show up be penalized for someone else’s kid being sick? 

I’m getting fired up just writing this.  

This makes little sense to me. 

But, this weird billing policy and the fact that they charged for the late cancel and still charged the people that came (which is somewhat unethical)… 

…Is consistent with our experience when we met the owner. 

There are 2 lessons here:  

  1. Don’t be unfriendly (me using a nice word) 
  2. Don’t base how much money people pay on who else shows up, it’s out of their control and it’s going to make you lose people.  


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