A Tip To Be More Productive

Tomorrow starts the stretch of 4 days in a row of mastermind meetings.

The first 2 days I’ll be working with 10 elite level gym owners from around the country in my small group CEO mastermind.

Each gym owner spends 4-6 hours filling out a planning document before each meeting. It’s a heap of work but these guys are elite. 

Then, on Friday and Saturday about 50 gym owners from around the country will be flying in for the SPF Mastermind Meeting. 

We have a ton of amazing things planned.

Great presentations about new ways for them to market and sell their business.

Gifts and tools to help them become better business owners.

Connecting with other like-minded gym owners.

Some fun stuff to make them laugh and have a great time.

But here’s the thing they’ll get that I want to share with you today.

They’ll get time to think and plan.

This is one of the strongest values that a mastermind provides…unfortunately most are NOT structured to allow this. 

I take pride in the countless hours myself and my team prepare for these meetings.

But some of the most game changing things that happen are the hours of organized quiet I give them. 

Essentially, I lead them through an exercise that helps them plan out what success looks like by our next meeting.

They leave with that plan tucked under their arm and feeling of clarity and confidence. 

But here’s the second thing they get.

Thinking time.

They get on the plane to New Jersey and have time to think about their business without being immersed in the day to day.

They can think without being distracted.

Lack of this time a huge cause of burnout.

Taking advantage of thinking time is when the game will change for you.

This is where breakthroughs occur, when you get the time to think.

So, if you’re not yet in my mastermind or any type of mastermind for that matter, at least start to schedule time away from your business to think.

Here’s a great tip:

Look at your calendar and block a FULL day off.

Find a place where you can go that will be away from it all and you will be undistracted.

Golf courses, hotels, farms, beach houses are great places to try and secure.

Just be sure it’s a little ways away (about 20 minutes minimum).

Plan to write down what success looks like over the next 4-12 months. 

Here’s a great question to ask yourself:

By this time next year…what has to have happened in my business and personal life for me to feel happy with my progress.

Go do it!

Vince Gabriele

P.S. If you need my help with this, email me at vince@gabrielefitness.com and when I’m done working with my mastermind this week, we can jump on a call and I’ll walk you through how to actually have a great thinking day.

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