A Tool to Improve Mental Clarity, Productivity and One More Thing You’re Going to Want

It’s been a while since I talked about something I invented called the Freedom Session. 

It’s a tool to improve productivity, mental clarity and most importantly allows you to put work aside and be present with your family. 

Briefly, we block 1-2 hours on Friday and run through a series of things to do such as a brain dump, review the calendar, review all projects and prepare for the upcoming week.  

The key to a productive freedom session is leaving Friday knowing exactly what you need to do to have a successful upcoming week.  

When you know this, you can be present with your family.  

Of all the tools I have created, this is the one I am most proud of.  

One of my most successful SPF Mastermind members, Eric Driver from Michigan, posted about the freedom session in our private Facebook forum last week.  

He basically demanded the rest of the group to do this every Friday because of the success he was having from it.  

Most of the gym owners in my SPF Mastermind have families.  

They all value family a ton and work very hard to build a great gym to give their families better lives.  

I take this VERY seriously.  

These guys have invested in me to make their gyms better for a much bigger reason than getting more clients.  

When members in the SPF Mastermind make more money from implementing something I taught them, it’s not just their business that benefits, it’s their family.  

This is bigger than just business coaching for me. 

It’s about transforming businesses, people and families. 

It’s why I pop out of bed on a mission every day to make the SPF Mastermind members lives better. 

Pending your business fits the criteria to be in the SPF Mastermind, I’d love to chat with you about the possibility of becoming a part of this. 

 Hit reply to set up a call with me. 


 P.S. The SPF Mastermind is not a small investment, but the return on your investment will bring you multiples.

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