Are Exercise Videos Good Marketing?

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A client recently asked me how often they should be doing exercise video demonstrations to use in their content marketing. 

My answer…

Not very much, here’s why…

Does your target market lay in bed staring wide eyed at the ceiling because they don’t know how to do a Bulgarian split squat?

Most likely not.

The key to content marketing is to find out the core problems of your target market…and give them the help they need to start solving those problems.

Once you start to do this, you position yourself as an authority and become a trusted advisor for the people you’re trying to attract.

That’s when you start showing how you are different to your target market…

I went through a phase where I would use things like the exercise of the week in my marketing…to be honest it never worked well…

and I think I secretly did it to make sure other trainers knew that I knew my stuff. 

As I grow older and wiser and I realize the only vote that matters is the people that write checks to come to my gym. 

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Vince Gabriele

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