Are Testimonials Really That Effective – Podcast

Will 2020 be the breakthrough year for your gym?

Getting a marketing system installed into your business will certainly make that a very strong possibility. 

Here’s yet another very happy graduate from the Surge:

“I started the Surge with marketing that didn’t have any direction or 

“After the Surge I was able to create a plan and more importantly a structure for multiple marketing platforms.

The Surge showed me DON’T put the cart before the horse. Create lead follow up before you great the ads. 

My business now has a marketing direction and plan for the future.”

-Jason Tompkins

Ignition Fitness & Sports | North Mankato, MN

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Should you be using testimonials?

Of Course!

In fact, they are more important these days than ever before

World Renowned Marketing Researcher Robert Chaldini sites social proof as the absolute #1 most powerful law of persuasion and influence.

I go over an example displaying their powerful influence. 

You’ll never ever forget to be constantly seeking them after you hear this.

Bonus Section

I will be adding an entirely new masterclass in the 6 Week New Client Surge Program about Testimonials. 

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