Avoid Hiring Pain…What Uncle Vinnie’s Hiring Nightmare Can Teach You

I fired the first person I ever hired to help me market my gym…before she even started.

She was a talented young girl with great energy and had a skill set that I lacked.

She was a whip on social media, knew how to take great pictures, edit video, and understood marketing metrics.

She was going to make our marketing a lot better.

These types of people are invaluable for your company.

I love marketing assistants because they enhance your marketing power way more than the cost of hiring them.

Anyway, I was super excited for her to start in about 3 weeks because she had to finish up at her former job.

I brought her in to get her ready and had a big stack of books waiting for her.

These were the books I wanted her to read in her first 90 days with us.

  • Magnetic Marketing, Kennedy
  • Influence, Cialdini
  • One Page Marketing Plan, blanking on the author
  • Brain Audit, Sean D’Souza
  • Ben Settle Email Skhema

I asked her to read one of them before she started.

She read them all.

This was going to be incredible and I could not wait, this was going to be the most profitable year in company history.

I never suspected anything except that she was going to make my life wonderful.

Then I got a letter in the mail.

The letter was from the company that ran the background check that I did on her…like I do with all people I hire.

After I got the letter, I called her up and fired her.

She had been caught shoplifting at a major department store…and the date of the crime was so recent it was after I had hired her!

But this wasn’t like something that happened in high school where she stole a bag of candy.

This was legit shoplifting and as it turns out this was a pattern…and honestly a problem she admitted to me she had.

While I appreciated her honestly about the truth, this was not someone I could trust at my company.

Doing a background check is a pain but it’s a necessary step, especially if you’re going to work with kids.

I outline this and a ton of other hiring tactics you need to follow in my 364 hiring book.

This is the only specific hiring book for gym owners I know exists and it’ll save you a ton of time and energy with your hiring process.

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Yours Truly,

Uncle Vinnie

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