Black Friday Sales(Don’t Do it)

For years I had this elitist mindset that my customers were too high-end and not the kind of people that looked for Black Friday Deals.

So for the first several years I never did it.

People would ask me all the time if I was doing a Black Friday sale….marketing coaches told me to run them…and I simply said no.

I said no other reason than I assumed that it wouldn’t work because it didn’t fit my market.

Well, someone made a convincing argument a few years back…and I ran it.

We sold 47 trial memberships… Several of them are still clients today…and I’ve run it every year since.

People ask me all the time if this headline will work or this if I think this Facebook ad will hit big.

My response used to be…yea that’ll work because it follows all 6 laws of persuasion…or the headline follows a template that’s been proven to work.

But the one thing I’ve come to know about marketing is that it’s all a test…and you need to try it yourself before you can decide if it’ll work or not.

Here’s an example:

I attended a high-end mastermind meeting and the discussion was about how a Physical Therapist had crushed it with a low back pain workshop.

In the next hot seat, another PT said he ran that same workshop…and got zero people to attend.

Same offer, same copy, same everything…except one PT was in Texas and the other was in Oregon.

Regardless of what others are doing, you need to try stuff for yourself.

A Black Friday Sale is simply another opportunity to make an offer.

It also happens to be a time where people are programmed to buy.

Vanessa said she wanted to buy an air fryer but said she was going to wait till Black Friday to buy one.

We can easily buy an air fryer now, but I was proud of her for looking for a deal.

Anyway, this Thursday I’ll be unpacking my best dam referral idea ever…and as a bonus spitting stuff on how you can have a killer Black Friday sale.

I’ll even show you the new landing page I’m using for stuff like this

I’ve taught this to several hundred gym owners and I’d love to teach it to you for free.

It’ll be a private viewing…this Thursday at Noon EST…for the members of My Marketing Master Insiders Club.

If you’re not a member…but want in…I’m opening up 5 spots to attend.

Would you like to join us?

Vince Gabriele

P.S. Here’s a quote from legendary gym Owner Joe Riggio, who owns Varsity House gym in New York

“The holiday gift card brought in 57 new members”

P.P.S Here’s another from Philadelphia Gym owner Giancarlo Rengi.

“We brought in 25 new members in 3 ½ weeks from the holiday gift card idea alone”

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