Blazingly Obvious Way to Get New Clients

Do you have testimonials and Google reviews that are wafting to be used in your marketing?

Here’s an example for on how you can take your reviews and testimonials and use them in your emails to drive new clients. 

Social proof is the absolute most powerful law of persuasion…your business will make more money if you use it. 

Plus, you already have this stuff lying around. 

You probably have a ton of reviews on Facebook and Google (hopefully) there just sitting there waiting to be used in your email marketing,

Here’s an example for how you can do it.

I got this note from SPF Mastermind Member about how being in the SPF Mastermind has helped him during the pandemic. 

“I was running thin. I was literally reaching for every minute to rest so I could survive.  

Then the COVID-19 happened and all hell broke loose.  

Thankfully Vince and this Mastermind came through with accountability, guidance, support…saying that there’s value by being part of this group is a huge understatement. 

My business is here because of everyone in this group. 

My focus is clear and my steps are so much more strategic.

I can honestly say I have more time with my wife and daughter because of the support and ideas passed freely here. Forever grateful. “

– Oliver Nam

I honestly feel really bad for gym owners that have gone through Covid-19 without business coaching or support.

I had one of my 3 business coaches that I’ve used during Covid-19 tell me this: 

“We are witnessing a historic event, like WW2 or something like that” 
Whoa, this is not something I’d want anyone to go through alone. 

I’ve been very grateful that I’ve had support from my 3 business coaches during this time.

I have several more of the testimonials like the one above but realize that not everyone can afford to pay the high fees to be in a Mastermind right now (although we have signed up several new members during the pandemic).

That is why I’m launching my NEW Business Coaching program called the Marketing Master Insiders Club

It’s a business coaching program that focuses on helping gym owners get more clients and make more money…. but it’s a much more affordable option than anything I’ve done before. 

You obviously don’t get what I give to my Mastermind clients but it’s a great place to start and it sure as heck beats going through this bag alone. 

The best part?

You can jump into for 60 days for a lousy buck…

….and you can cancel right before we bang your card for the first month…But I’m not sure why you would turn off a money faucet…

Here’s the link to start you’re 60-day trial for less money than adding guac to burrito

So, there it is, an email you can model where you use one of your testimonials in an email to drive sales. 

Feel free to swipe and deploy this style of email and you can join my new coaching program with all the profits.

Vince Gabriele 

P.S. This offer will hang around for the first 100 Gym Owners

P.P.S. My Accountant called me an idiot for doing this…I told him to shut-up because if I listened to him I wouldn’t of opened my first gym (True Story)

Here’s the link:

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