Business Owner of the Year. Could It Be You Next Year?

Last weekend I gave out the annual SPF Mastermind Business Owner of the Year award. 

The winner was Anthony Bevilacqua, a Long Island gym owner that spent many years as a big box personal trainer. 

He took the leap and got his own facility and moved into a small 1,000 square foot gym, not too long ago. 

Many consultants would have told him it’s too small and that he wouldn’t make any money in that space.

When he joined the SPF Mastermind he was doing all 1-1’s and doing well but I know he was destined for so much more. 

We helped him introduce a 1:6 model and he transformed his business.

Here was his text to me explaining the exact numbers:


Several of the members of the SPF Mastermind were super motivated by this and came up to me and said: 

“You’re going to be handing me that award next year”!

Now, I’ve told many people to do stuff like this and not everyone get these kind of results.

He won the business owner of the year award because of the massive action he took.

Everything I told Anthony to do, he did it!

He did it immediately. 

He often would show me things he’d accomplished just a few hours after I told him about it.

This is the difference! 

There’s no secret to success!

It’s not the 30-minute model!

It’s not the magic marketing plan!

It’s not finding the best trainers!

It’s about you taking action on the right things that are going to make huge shifts in your business!

Many of you are waiting for 2020 to start this!

Be like Anthony, and start right now!


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