I just got an email from a vendor I do business with at my gym. 

He’s done a great job and I’m very happy with the service he provides. 

He saw I was doing coaching for gym owners around the country and sent me an email. 

His email asked me if he could reach out to my clients and ask them if they needed the service he offered. 

Certainly not the best way to go about this and off the bat is not moving me toward a potential working relationship.

First off, I’m rarely at the gym these days and I have not talked to him in over a year. 

Second, the tone of the email had a tone of “Do this for me”!

What he was embarking on with me was a potential joint venture.

A collaboration. 

A collaboration must be a win/win for both sides for it to work!

With the help of a gym owner named Joe Hashey who runs Synergy Athletics, we have what I would consider the best Joint Venture training systems of any mastermind coaching program out there.

Joe gave a presentation about creating Joint Ventures at our last mastermind meeting and blew the doors off.

One of the core principles of the system is that the JV needs to be a win/win for both sides for it to be successful. 

When reaching out to a potential Joint Venture the first thing we try to do is add value to them .

This value can be brought to them in many ways.

Here’s how the guy the approached me above should have done it. 

Hey Vince,

I just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you how much I appreciate your business for the past 4 years. It’s been a great job for us and we strive every day to keep your gym as clean as it was the day you opened your beautiful new facility. 

I saw on social media that you train gym owners to help them grow their business, it seems like it’s a really cool thing you have going.

Considering you’re the expert in helping businesses grow, I was wondering if I could ask for your advice on how I could start to work with more gyms like yours. 

I can come by the gym anytime and chat with you on this… I truly appreciate your advice here.

Awaiting your reply,


So much is happening here with this note but here is the one big takeaway.

What’s the value he added?


He made me the expert and asked for my advice. 

He positioned me as an authority and makes it much easier for me to reply to this and help him out.

When we meet, his next step should be to offer a free cleaning for some of my clients.

This way, it’s easy for me to send him to people because their getting something of value.

We can unpack a truckload more here but that’s all for today. 

Vince Gabriele

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