Do You Have a Plan IF a Member Gets Covid?

Here’s a question I got several times last week…

What should I do if a member or an employee gets Covid-19?

First, it sucks that I have to take an email to write about this but it’s my job to put these things into your mind so you can plan accordingly.

There is a term called productive paranoia that I’ve used and taught throughout this entire process.

Optimism is NOT what you need right now and very well could put you and your business at risk. 

I got this question several times last week from gym owners, I’m sure it’s on your mind too. 

What should I do if a member or an employee gets the virus?

Since I’m not consulting you I don’t think sharing my several step plan would be appropriate. 

But the message today is to have a plan for what you would do. 

This is textbook productive paranoia.

Here’s how I would go about this:

  1. Talk to your trusted advisers and ask their advice.
  2. Research best practices to handle the situation from credible source.
  3. Consult your legal counsel, cleaning professionals, public relations and/or risk management experts.
  4. Document a step by step plan before it happens. 

This is a situation that most do NOT want to even think about but the ones that are pro-active will be more prepared.

If you wait until this happens (hopefully it doesn’t)…You’ll most likely be in panic mode which will impact your decision making. 

Tomorrow at NOON EST, My Business and Cash Flow Protection course launches.

Because I will be in a consulting situation I will be sharing my plan…but even then…I will be advising the gym owners in the course to make their own judgements and use mine as a guide, not the written rule. 

Here’s the link with all the info:

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