do you know who the youngest president was?

Here’s a story you won’t believe. 

The youngest president ever to take office was the great Theodore Roosevelt at 42 years old.  

After reading a few quotes from TR, I dug a little deeper into this great man’s life. 

At a young age he had debilitating asthma that forced him to miss a ton of school. Physically he was a very weak boy due to this condition. 

His father built him a gym in his house, and he turned himself into a savage lifter and fighter. 

But the story that’ll shock you comes from when he was running for president. 

On the way to deliver a speech…he was shot in the chest. 

The bullet went into his body and missed his heart by ¼ of an inch.  

He was urged by all his advisors to not do the speech and go to the hospital.  

TR insisted on delivering the speech in his blood-soaked shirt.  

He starts the speech with: 

I shall ask you to be as quiet as possible. I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot; but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose. 

That last line has been ringing in my ears ever since I read it.  

It takes more than that (a freaking bullet!) to kill a Bull Moose.
It’s going to take more than a global pandemic to kill your gym… 

Do you believe that? 

Step one is succeeding through challenging times is the willingness to endure.  

Endure struggle, overwhelm, challenges and obstacles.  

The gym owners that have gone under thus far were unwilling to endure the suck.  

You have. 

That’s why you’re still here reading this.  

It’s not going to end soon. 

Don’t put a time stamp on anything 

Just keep moving forward with the 100% commitment that you will survive.  

Vince Gabriele  

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