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Do you want to know exactly how to implement my most successful Marketing Idea?

I’m super excited to announce I’ll be doing a LIVE webinar this Friday and Saturday to teach you exactly how to implement my favorite marketing Idea, The Sweepstakes!

It’s Titled: 

Gym Owners Set to Re-Open: Learn the Marketing Idea That’ll Fill Every Empty Spot You’re Going to Have

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • Why gyms shouldn’t touch a 6-week challenge right now with a 10-foot pole
  • The 5 secrets to launching the most lucrative marketing idea in the fitness industry
  • How to get new members now even if it’s been several months of a dry spell 
  • How to get your community to stop talking about Covid-19 and start talking about your gym
  • How to build this idea into your marketing forever so you literally can run a silver bullet idea…whenever you want which means you’ll always be in control
  • How to deliver a spike of new email subscribers that completely annihilates any results from your best lead magnet
  • Plus, you’ll get a chance to learn my personal secret recipe for running this marketing idea for your business in the next few weeks

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