Free Money Call (Recording)

Here is the video recording of the 2 Hour Coaching Call I did this past Tuesday.

We covered: 

  1. Your #1 focus during this pandemic
  2. My 3 Step Leadership Mindset
  3. My 4 Part Success Strategy I’m using with my gym
  4. Finally, I bring on Financial Expert, Mike Waldron, to introduce the ways the government is helping small business owners by literally giving you free money

We deep dive specifically into the Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP).This bill was signed by the president and will be supporting small businesses with a loan that turns into a grant.
This means, you take a loan and if you comply, the loan is forgiven.

Yes, free money.

From everything out there, this is the best I’ve seen (but you should still explore every resource available).

There are a lot of stipulations and still many unanswered questions but this is crucial info for you to know.

To my current knowledge, this program is available at participating banks today. 

Vince Gabriele

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