game week

When I played football in college at Temple University, we only played 11 games each season. 

The week leading up to the game, usually on Saturday, was fully focused on preparing for the team ahead. 

We played teams like Virginia Tech, Miami, West Virginia, Boston College, & Syracuse. Each team had a different game plan.

This week for me is like a game week as the SPF Mastermind is coming from all over the world to New Jersey on Friday.

While I’ve been spending the last 3 months preparing, I leave nothing else for this week except to be ready to rock on Friday and Saturday. 

This includes lots of self care, review of my presentations, making sure the room is set right and of course, my front porch time talking about life with my good buddy and SPF Head Business Coach, Joe Hashey, who always stays at my house the night before these events. 

The theme of this week’s event is helping gym owners be magnetic to money.

People sometimes equate making money with getting new clients…while that’s definitely important…

We’ll also be talking about…

  • how to make better decisions 
  • how think about money problems
  • what to do with extra cash 
  • how to keep more of your money
  • how to increase lifetime customer value
  • how to find hidden money in your business
  • and…how to implement all this stuff into their business on Monday 

Your relationship with money matters and the better it is, the more will flow to you…

Which is a good thing because when you have more money you have more freedom and can make a bigger impact in the world. 

…if you want to join us either in person or virtually…

Send me an email,, to see if any spots are left.

Vince Gabriele 

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