Google Ads?

As I do often, I walked through my bustling gym and talked to our members to get some market research.

If you’re waiting for the latest industry report on trends in the fitness industry…you’re wasting time.

The majority of the market research you need is in your gym every morning.

You just need to remember it’s there.

Having done this myself for decades, it’s very hard to get good market research and train your clients effectively at the same time, not impossible but hard.

This is why I push my mastermind member to train less sessions. 

Finding a trainer is probably the easiest thing to delegate and gives you back the most energy.

During one conversation, I asked a client if he was not currently a member of ours…but needed a personal trainer…what would be his first move?

He pulled out his phone and said these exact words in his new jersey accent: 

“I would go to da google”

At first was taken back.

Then I was like, well of course he would.

Why wouldn’t someone go to the largest search engine in the world to find something.

With all the recent boom of Facebook marketing and the massive amount of consultants selling you Facebook ad management…that’s what’s been on your mind.

This has made us do something so stupid (yours truly included).

You’ve Ignored Google And You’ve Ignored Your Website

I happen to believe 2020 will be the rise of google and the hard fall of Facebook in terms of getting highly qualified clients to your gym.

I have a lot more to say here but no more time.

However, I’ve added an entire new section on how to optimize your website to convert AND how to run google ads to my 6-Week New Client Surge Program that Starts on February 4th. 

Stay tuned

Vince Gabriele 

P.S. The Surge is my flagship marketing course for gym owners looking to master their marketing that I run 2x per year. 

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