Gut-wrenching Phone Call

This is the short story of the August 14, 2017 phone call that Changed My Life.

3 Years ago, while I was running my gym…not thinking about much else, I got pulled from a consult with a client to take a very important phone call.

The call was from my mom, that told me to rush to the hospital immediately, your dad had a stroke. 

I raced into NYC nervous but not really knowing what I was walking into, plenty of people had strokes that recovered just fine. 

This was not the case for my dad. 

My dad was in the hospital waiting to get surgery to remove an infection that had settled on his heart. 

The night before that surgery the infection caused a horrific stroke. 

I will not use the words that the doctors used as they are buried. 

My dad was in the hospital for over a month. 

I was there every day. 

We had just moved into a new 10,000 square foot gym just 2 months before this happened so us being a little busy was an understatement. 

I told my team I was out and would not be back. 

The longest I had ever been away from my gym was one week, most of that week I would check in almost every day. 

This time was different. 

I was gone for well over a month and barely checked in once. 

This was 3 years ago, almost to the day (the stroke occurred on August 14th ).

I spent time in the hospital most of time just being there for my mom and sisters. 

My dad was not able to open his eyes for most of the first week. 

I spent lots of time in the waiting room just sitting and reflecting. 

After a while, I started to write. 

I thought about my team and the gift they were giving me to be able to be here for my family.

I knew most gym owners would not have this kind of freedom and I was grateful they gave it to me. 

I started to write about them, how I found them, how I trained them, etc.

That turned into my first book, the 364 Hiring Manual. 

I’ve written several more books since then but that was the one that sparked this entire business. 

The month+ I was gone from my business was one of the most successful months in the history of our company… all while I was gone.

I reflected on that and realized that many gym owners are unhappy because they don’t have the type of freedom that my business gave me. 

Owning a business is hard but the reward is freedom. 

If you don’t have freedom it just becomes a job that’s hard and stressful…that’s why so many quit. 

Most gym owners lack the freedom that’s available to them because they have not learned the business skills to get their business to run without them. 

My dad sent me a message.

He didn’t do it on purpose.

But he was telling me I need to teach this stuff.

He was telling me it’s time to go out and be the business coach people will follow because I’ve done what they want. 

Build a business that gives you freedom…to be able to do the most important things in life…

Be Fully Present when your family needs you most

When I look back on that month of August in 2017… it made me so proud of my business and the team I had built. 

This is my driving force for everything I teach today.

Today I wish I could tell you my dad is doing fine and he’s recovered but not all stories have that happy ending.

He still is not able to talk, walk or understand what I’m saying and honestly it’s been a very tough haul for our family and still is. 

But I know he knows that I’m out there teaching gym owners to build better businesses and that makes him smile. 

Many gym owners have heard this story and have said these worlds to me:

“I heard the story of your dad and that you were able to be there, I know if that happened to me I would not have that kind of freedom and I need to get there”

I have had two of my Mastermind members whose fathers both went through the same thing and were able to be there to support their families. 

Make the commitment today to create a business that does not revolve around you.

To have a business that gives you freedom.

I hope you realize this freedom on a beautiful vacation with your family and not in the crazy time I found myself in…either way, make the commitment. 

Your family with thank you for it. 

Step one in a business that gives you freedom is learning marketing.

I’ve got just 5 spots reaming at the founder’s rate to join my new coaching program. 

It costs $1 to get started.

Small price for the chance to be free.

If you want me to guide you toward this kind of gym, one that sets you free….this is step 1.

Vince Gabriele 

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