Gym Owners That Still Train Clients

Most of us that started in this business were personal trainers. 

We showed up, trained people, got our paycheck and went home. 

Life was simple. Easy. 

Even though it was tiring, it was not emotionally or psychologically draining. 

When we signed the lease to our gym, that changed. 

…The stress and pressure of having overhead, payroll and the constant anxiety to make sure we had enough new clients to replace the old ones… 

The dark secret is… 

Sometimes you want to go back to the way it was.
Sometimes you just want to show up and train. 

You don’t want to have to create new systems, hire staff, balance the checkbook or deal with the dreaded schedule. 

The dark secret is that owning a gym, especially in a pandemic, kind of sucks. 

The decisions you need to make about if you should close the gym because one of your trainers were around someone that tested positive should be someone else’s problem. 

I believe this is why so many gym owners still train a full schedule. 

It gives you the simplicity back in your life. 

But we all know when we combine the physical stress from grinding lots of sessions and the emotional stress from the risk and decisions…. 

…it’s where burnout happens the fastest.
I’ve yet to know another gym owner that has not gone through burnout. 

I’ve gone through it myself more than once… 

It’s par for the course. 

But it’s rampant right now. 

Here’s where it gets really tough … 

When you take a burned-out gym owner and add financial problems to their list of issues…This is what drives people out of business. 

The solution to financial problems is understanding the marketing and sales side of your business better than your competition. 

It’s the understanding on how to drive leads, nurture them and how to extract as much money as possible from your market. 

Failure to know what you need to know about marketing and sales…I believe…is why so many gym owners fail and have failed in the last 7 months. 

As much as we want go back to the simple idea of training clients, when you signed the lease you took on a new responsibility in exchange for freedom. 

There are times when you’ll want to go back. 

I have them too. 

I had that thought not that long ago. 

But then I remember I get to see my kids get on the bus each morning. 

I pick my daughter up at soccer practice. 

I take my son to Jiu-Jitsu. 

I have time to be by myself to workout, read and write. 

The weak moments I have about going back…get overpowered by this freedom. 

And I know 100% that when I learned marketing and sales on a high level, this freedom was magnified. 

I know it’s rough right now but I want to give you this skill. 

This opportunity expires tomorrow…

Vince Gabriele

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